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Welcome to 
Sisters Bridal



Get ready! Our collection of couture luxurious wedding dresses and changing bridal gowns custom designed by award winning American and European designers will surpass your expectations.  

Its high quality only at Sisters Bridal Uganda and Sisters Bridal Kenya! Worth every penny!! The Wedding dresses and changing gowns that you will see at Sisters Bridal are all original, meaning exquisite attention to detail, high quality fabrics and embellishments all hand beaded with love to look 100% like the pictures. 

All our gowns are intricately designed by renown American and European designers with customization available on select designs

We are an award winning global multi generational Bridal brand celebrating 22 years, with Branches in Uganda and in Kenya. Over 25,000 brides have trusted us to dress them on their wedding day and it will be an honor and a privilege to dress you too.

With 1,000+ wedding dresses in stock and countless designs available on order, you will find your latest dream wedding dress and changing gowns at Sisters Bridal Uganda or Sisters Bridal Kenya.


We have a unlimited variety of wedding gowns for our brides in Uganda and Kenya. Check out a few samples of our original gowns! We will show you the rest of our gowns at your appointment. Can't wait to welcome you to Sisters Bridal! See you soon!

Our Designers

You will be spoilt for choice! The following brands and lots more are available at Sisters Bridal Uganda and Sisters Bridal Kenya.

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We sell only original wedding gowns, what you see is exactly what you get. All brides are beautiful, but when a bride walks down the aisle in a legit luxurious original couture wedding gown, the difference is like night and day. Lets find your dream gown today. Click below to browse our full collections.

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