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Bridal Business Workshop 2023

Are you a bridal shop owner looking to grow your business? Or you are just planning to start a bridal shop? This is the course for you. We will share tried and tested strategies for succeeding in the bridal industry.

We did it, so you can!


This course entails everything you need to know to run a successful bridal business. We cover the top essential topics in the bridal industry, from financial management to customer acquisition and retention. The topics include:

1. Step-by-step guide to starting a bridal shop

2. Choosing your target customer market niche

3. Economics of bridal gowns and pricing

4. Marketing, Growth and sustainability

5. Human resource management (employees)

6. Selling wedding dresses

7. Customer service management

8. Fata driven decision making

9. Operational management of a bridal shop

10. Legal considerations


Course Details

Duration: 3 Days

Starts at: 5:00 pm to 6:00pm

Fee: UGX600,000 and KSH 19,000

Hosted by: Dr. Veronica Wabukawo

Uganda: +256 706 555010

Kenya:    +254 748 095888

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