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Henry & Racheal

June 4th

May this wedding gallery wall be a constant reminder of the beautiful memories you had on your special day. May your journey as a married couple be filled with love, understanding, and happiness? May you both find strength and comfort in each other's arms and create a lifetime of beautiful memories together

Best wishes for a blissful and

unforgettable life together!

"We met at the University in 2013. In the Medical School Christian fellowship. My elder sister had told me about him before I joined campus as she was friends with his elder sister. I joined first year when he was in fifth year at the medical school. He was the fellowship leader so always at the front. We became normal friends then and shared contacts a year later. It was not really love at first sight. The love and affection grew over time.

We decided to get married in December 2021 and planned the wedding for 5 months. The preparations and anxiety were quite intense but by the grace of God, everything worked out perfectly.

Our wedding day was very beautiful. I liked that the church ceremony was well attended. It was the most important part of our day. At the reception, I felt like the wedding was already done. Everything was perfect.  Like one of my friends said, “God showed up and showed off.”

I had never seen my husband so very happy like he was on our wedding. He danced strokes I had never seen him dance before. I also had so much joy in my heart. It is the happiest day of our lives, so far."

Their Love Story

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