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Their Love Story

We started as  workmates then became best friends. He was always very nice to me and joked about marrying me one day and it’s something I would just laugh off. He later became serious, and we started dating. We became friends in 2013 and started dating in late 2016.

Our wedding preparations took about six months. The wedding was supposed to be in December but shortly after proposing, my husband lost his big brother and we had to push everything to January of 2022.

On our wedding day l didn't know what to expect. l was worried and excited at the same time but when l wore my wedding dress the excitement took over and everything was so beautiful till the end. The vows and the whole reception were very lively especially the entrance dancing and the first dance.

Steven & Esther

January 8th

May this wedding gallery wall be a constant reminder of the beautiful memories you had on your special day. May your journey as a married couple be filled with love, understanding, and happiness? May you both find strength and comfort in each other's arms and create a lifetime of beautiful memories together

Best wishes for a blissful and

unforgettable life together!

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