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Vladiyan Royal

Wedding Dresses

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Why Vladiyan Royal?

Vladiyan is a Ukrainian designer, one of the largest manufacturers of some of the best hand-tailored wedding dresses and gowns across the world. Vladiyan is the dream for every girl, why not you?

Vladiyan Retailers

We’re proud to be the official retailers of Vladiyan royal wedding dresses in Uganda and Kenya. We bring you all the latest designer wedding gowns and dresses right from Vladiyan manufacturing store in Europe. That means all our wedding gowns are authentic and genuine to make your wedding day special and memorable.


Every Woman

Can be Royal

Feel & Look Royal 

“Every woman can be Royal!”

That is what a Vladiyan royal wedding dress will make you look on your wedding day.

They are elegant, photogenic, with a rage of versatile styles that will give you a dramatic, appealing impact on your special day.

Latest Vladiyan Royal Gowns 

Visit Our Online Store

We sell only original wedding gowns, what you see is exactly what you get. All brides are beautiful, but when a bride walks down the aisle in a legit luxurious original couture wedding gown, the difference is like night and day. Lets find your dream gown today. Click below to browse our full collections.

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